Most frequent questions and answers

After you purchase a course you will receive a confirmation with a link to our enrollment form. Once you fill out the enrollment form and return it to us, we will send you the student’s login information and instructions to access the course content.

We use a learning management system (LMS) called Canvas, and this is where you will login to everyday for instruction, classwork, homework, tests etc.

For all classes, you must finish paying each course in full before receiving a credit completion transcript.

Feel free to contact our implementation team below for more information.

Yes, a teacher is available to help with any questions you might have. The teacher will also be posting and grading your work.

While each student is different, we expect each student to spend about 2 hours per day on the course material. This time does not include preparing for any tests, papers and/or projects that might be included in the curriculum.

Yes, our classes have a fall and spring semester.  If you start at the beginning of the school year, no prior knowledge is needed.

Please contact the Implementations team, Myken or Charlotte, for this type of information. They can give the specifics for each course.

Their contact info can be found below.

Primary Contacts (Curriculum, Enrollment and Grades) | Directors of Implementation

Myken Caviness

Executive Director of Implementation


800.524.8570 (Ext. 801)

Charlotte Ogburn

Director of Implementation


800.524.8570 (Ext. 807)

Sefina Lucki

Manager of Implementation

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