African American History


Over the course of U.S. history, how have African Americans helped shaped American culture? This African American History course answers that question by tracing the accomplishments and obstacles of African Americans beginning with the slave trade on up to the modern Civil Rights movement. What was it like during slavery, or after emancipation, or during the years of discrimination under Jim Crow? Who were some of the main figures who have shaped African American history? In this course, you’ll learn about the political, economic, social, religious, and cultural factors that have influenced African American life, come face to face with individuals who changed the course of history, and explore how the African American story still influences current events today.

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Course Highlights

  • Learn about the African societies and family histories that were torn apart by the slave trade.
  • Trace the effects of the slave trade in the forming of the United States.
  • See other ways African Americans have laid their lives down for their country, even when that country was not respecting them.
  • Recognize the key players in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Set the Obama presidency as a milestone in historical context; see what current strides and struggles African Americans are facing.
  • Analyze what the Black Lives Matter movement and other movements say about race relations in contemporary society.


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