Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind


Understanding the criminal mind is not easy. Why do certain people commit horrible acts? Can we ever begin to understand their reasoning and motivation? Perhaps. In Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind, you will be given the rare opportunity to climb inside the mind of a criminal and examine the ideas and motivations at work. The mental state of a criminal can be affected by many different aspects of life-psychological, biological, sociological-all of which have differing perspectives and influences. You will investigate not only how these variables affect the criminal mind but also how the criminal justice system remains committed to upholding the law through diligence and an uncompromising process.

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Course Highlights

  • Analyze the factors that influence crime and the criminal justice system.
  • Investigate how crimes and criminals are handled in the criminal justice system.
  • Explore why people commit crimes.
  • Examine the consequences of crime for individuals and society.


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