Cybersecurity 1a: Foundations


We depend more and more on the technologies we interact with every day, and we put more and more of our personal data out there online. Can all of that data really be kept “secret”? We all need to know more about how to protect our personal information, especially given how much we rely on and use our network devices and media. You’ll learn about the various parts of your computer, how they work together, and how you can manipulate them to keep your data safe. You’ll also dive into the tools, technologies, and methods that will help protect you from an attack and discover the many opportunities in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity.

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Course Highlights

  • Learn more about who’s online when you are.
  • Investigate what makes your devices run safely.
  • Evaluate how safe your information is on the internet.
  • Anticipate challenges to your cybersecurity.


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