Digital Photography II: Discovering Your Creative Potential


In today’s world, we are surrounded by images. We are continually seeing photographs as they appear in advertisements, on websites, in magazines, and on billboards; they even adorn our walls at home. While many of these images have been created by professional photographers, it is possible for your photos to take on a more professional look after you discover how to increase your creative potential. In Digital Photography II: Discovering Your Creative Potential, you will examine various aspects of the field including specialty areas, ethics, and famous photographers throughout history. You will also learn how to effectively critique photographs so you can better understand composition and go on to create more eye-catching photographs on your own.

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Course Highlights

  • Try your hand at capturing events and situations like a photojournalist.
  • Examine darkroom techniques and practice using photo-editing software.
  • Investigate and practice some areas of professional photography, such as product photographs and special-event photography.
  • Explore photography as a career option.


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