Summer Chinese 2 Course


Please note: Summer courses begin May 1st, and all coursework must be completed by August 15th.

Chinese 2 will anticipate an increased introduction of Chinese characters and demands for textual literacy. Thematic units for Chinese 2 include Shopping, Health/Fitness, Where Things Are, School Life, Weather/Seasons, and Transportation. By the end of the full year, students are expected to learn to speak and read approximately 600 new words/phrases, and learn to write approximately 300 words.


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Course Length: 8 Weeks

Chinese 2 students will use richer vocabulary and longer sentences to describe a variety of topics learned; furthermore, they will be given opportunities to use Chinese to express their opinions about, for examples, their preference of shopping methods, ideal school life/extra-curriculum, and favorite transportation means. Students will not only examine and understand how Chinese as a language relates to the culture, but also compare Chinese culture with American culture.


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