Summer Latin 1 Course


Please note: Summer courses begin May 1st, and all coursework must be completed by August 15th.

Latin 1 is an introduction to the study of the Latin language and Greco-Roman culture. Students learn Latin vocabulary in context translating Latin stories concerning the life of the Roman poet Horace.


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Course Length: 8 Weeks

Students are given opportunities to use the language orally through group projects and skits. Daily emphasis is placed on English derivatives from Latin. Roman history and mythology are also intertwined with each unit. By the end of Latin 1, students will have mastered the active voice of all 6 tenses, the 5 declensions, prepositional phrases along with an expansive Latin vocabulary. Daily testing is both formative and summative with online assessments. Students are also expected to participate in discussion boards for each unit of the course. The course is divided into Latin 1A and 1B for 1 unit of credit. This course is not self-paced so students are expected to complete assignments on time. The course generally follows the Oxford Latin Text Part 1.


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