PLI Virtual Classroom

Proximity Learning Self-Paced Virtual Classroom is now open to all looking to continue education from home. Perfect for parents keeping their children at home, the Proximity Learning Virtual School ensures that students everywhere maintain access to quality education regardless of the circumstance.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

Through this self-paced virtual classroom, your 6th-12th-grade student can continue their education from home in an accredited program. Each student gets access to up to five courses from each subject, Math, Science, ELA, History, and World Language, with specific classes available depending on their grade such as Algebra I, World History, Chemistry, etc. Students have access to full self-paced courses with instructional materials, assessments, homework, video lessons, and discussion boards.

Enroll Now!

$50 allows students to pick up to five courses within the topics described above. Classes start immediately and will end on June 30th.

Optional add-on – Include a Certified Teacher: For $150 per student, this option is for parents who want their student to get a certificate of completion that can be given to the district after the child passes the course, enabling them to receive credits. (Before selecting this option please check with your school to ensure credit is honored.) The added on teacher will grade work, provide assessments of your student within 48 hours, and answer questions on discussion boards. Upon completion of the course, PLI can send an official transcript upon request.

Select up to five subjects below

Math Course – optional

English & Language Arts Course – optional

Science Course – optional

Social Sciences Course – optional

World Language Course – optional

Include a Certified Teacher